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Piano Lessons vs. Keyboard Lessons

There are many different types of instruments to play, and some can be similar enough to cause debate about which instrument is better to play. Electric guitar and acoustic guitar are the most well-known of these instruments, but a classical piano and electric keyboard have just about as much rivalry about which instrument is actually superior. Pianists hold that the piano is a better instrument because it teaches precision, whereas keyboardists speak of the versatility of instruments that often comes with keyboards. 

It’s true that electronic keyboards often have a selection of over a hundred synthesised instruments to choose from, and you can practice with as many of these as you like, even going so far as to record all the parts to a song. Electronic keyboards, unlike pianos, don’t rely on the science of acoustics to make sound – they create the sound electronically. This can be a dangerous habit for a new musician to fall into, becoming over-reliant on electronic devices. Keyboards are automatically tuned to the perfect pitch for each note, so the user is deprived of the real feel of the instrument. Also, the note is often held as long as the key is pressed – you can do this with a piano as well, but not without having to properly time the pedal presses. Also, keyboards have a preset volume that’s adjusted via a switch or knob. 

A piano, on the other hand, is more difficult to play and master at first – there aren’t any electronic tuning measures or alternate instruments. To hold a note on a piano, you have to press one of the foot pedals in time with playing the note.

This helps to develop a sense of timing. Also, the volume at which you play is determined by how hard you strike the keys, so you have more hands-on control over the volume of your playing than you would on a keyboard. Pianos rely on the science of acoustics for their functioning, and therefore require the utmost precision to play with a good sound. Pianos don’t force the player to depend upon electronic parts, instead getting them to use their own musical initiative to create a pleasing sound. 

There’s also the issue of which is more appropriate in a given situations. In popular music, the keyboard is a good choice, especially for performers. A keyboard is certainly more portable than a piano. Pianos, however, are usually played in quieter venues like churches. Depending on where you want to take your musical career, you can choose to play either piano or keyboard. The keyboard allows for more versatility and to reach a greater audience, but can hamper musical development if the keyboardist doesn’t learn the finer nuances of music. The piano, on the other hand, isn’t quite as popular as the keyboard, and it takes longer to master the playing techniques relating to volume, note duration and other things. Both instruments have their strengths and weaknesses, but this could really be said of any two instruments. It all depends on personal taste.

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